Class A2 and B1 Fireproof Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panels, also known as ACP, are composite materials made of two aluminum sheets sandwiching a core material, typically made of polyethylene or fire-retardant mineral-filled core.

Class A2 refers to the fire performance classification of ACP. In building and construction, fire safety is a critical concern, and materials used in construction must meet certain fire performance standards. Class A2 is a higher classification compared to Class B1 and indicates that the ACP panel has a limited contribution to fire and has a low level of smoke emission.

The specific fire performance requirements for Class A2 ACP panels vary depending on the country and region, but they typically include requirements for fire resistance, heat release, smoke emission, and flame spread.

It’s worth noting that while Class A2 ACP panels may have better fire performance compared to Class B1, they may not be suitable for all applications and it’s important to consult with a building and fire safety expert to determine the best type of ACP panel for a particular project.

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